B.B Dogg, best known to hardcore Hot Mont fans as The Man Who Faked the Arctic Circle Tour of 2001 is working on an album of original blues and r&b tunes...and , damn, it's good! "The Dogg" is not doggin' it on this one!

As a great blues guitarist and vocalist in his own right,  no one still knows why Lawrence Park legend B.B. Dogg  along with his ever-present sidekick "Rupert Snap Dogg" (alias Saxomaniac) bothered to foist himself on the unsuspecting Alaska public as 'Hot Mont' in the ill-fated 2001 Arctic Circle Tour. This was once believed to be a legitimate tour of the four original members of the Hot Mont band.

 This B.B. Dogg cat really pulled over a good one... most of us bought into the Alaska/Yukon tour stories!


by Bill Del Rumple / 2005



Every decade, a few albums come along that defy all time or stylistic precepts. Some examples, among others, might be The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" in the sixties; or Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" in the seventies. What causes these old records to be so highly revered ? Is it the sound quality?...probably not... Is it the singing?...maybe...Is it the production?...definitely a factor...but...is it the great songs?...most definitely!

As the next few months unfold, B.B. Dogg's "One Blue Shoe" will be released  & is destined to be one of those albums. From "Shaky Puddin" (a timeless tribute to a local rock-n-roll goddess) to the more pensive and brooding cuts "One Blue Shoe" and "What Are You Still Doin' Here", all of this remarkable music seems to resonate with music lovers of all ages. Another cut that stands out is "Cab Driver" featuring the unique "moe-moe-moe" background vocals.

Although you won't actually see the "blue shoe guitars" onstage, the show is reportedly "exciting and unusual" to say the least, featuring dance routines  developed by Rupert Snap Dogg.

Syndicated talk show host & veteran blues player Wyan Lantz said: "This is the best example of disenchanted old rockers recording a blues album I've heard in years!".

B.B Dogg ...the band...is currently touring blues bars in South Florida to rave reviews.

  Here is an mp3 sample of this great stuff: (It's an brand new audio file as of  2-13-06!!)

BB Dogg Sampler  (stream: hi speed connections only) BB Dogg Sampler  (download 1 meg)

Bill Del Rumple 4-14-05


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