"BONES GONE WILD": The video! Ask for it at any Lackluster Video Store!


It's official! "The Bones of Contention" are back. After years of obscurity, this four piece trombone section (of 1970's Hot Mont touring acclaim) is claiming their rightful place as the bone's boniest ensemble...er, the bonist's best boners...er...whatever!


This venerable ensemble has been getting beaucoup work in South Florida studios...especially those that cater to the more mature set. Rumor has it that work is so brisk that leader Martin O'Bonian has actually gotten a new pager!

Not only are the B.O.C. boys adding their blast-o-magic to many artist's cds (including B.B. Dogg); they are now beginning a series of theme- based cds featuring, of course, the trombone.

The first of these, which is currently in production is titled "Blow It Out Yo' Butt" and showcases all rap & hip-hop songs. This concept album is destined to put the trombone back in mainstream pop. "The Bones" have enthusiastic major label backing and consequently, the record will feature several heavy weights including rappers Tone Def, Ice Cold Chill, and even d.j. Rupert Snap Dogg.

The second album in the series "Blowing Bubbles" will surely bowl you over.  It's a tribute to the big band "champagne music " era, some of it recorded live in the highly-regarded men's room of Atlanta's Fox Theatre. (to capture the perfect audio ambience).

Although the current studio location is strictly hush-hush, there are a couple of pirated moments from sessions that will be available soon. Locating the studio shouldn't be too hard. As always, wherever the 'Bones play their music, many dogs are howling outside the doors!

-Bob Swobbly for Legends of the Midwest 2-3-06


3-6-06 : new Bones cd!:

Tacos & Turds: Duke Dreyfuss & The Bones of Contention 's Tribute to The Tijuana Brass!


 "The Bones of Contention"...  arguably the world's boniest bone masters... already have a new album out to follow the all-out blatting success of their "Blow it Out Yo' Butt" trombone rap album.

These guys will stop at nothing to bring the trombone back to prominence. Recently self-appointed bandleader Duke Dreyfuss takes you on a journey back to the days of The Tijuana Brass...who are also known as "TJB" to horn player insiders .

What makes this album totally unique is the actual concept behind "Tacos & Turds". The idea was to remake six of the very best TJB tunes (the "taco"part of the collection); then as a counterpoint to that, the Bones would record six of The TJB's worst, most obscure tunes (the "turd" part of the collection).

Finding the great stuff was easy...they chose the smash hits including "Spanish Flea, "Tijuana Taxi", "Lonely Bull" and several others. Then, to set the record straight, those ever-contentious Bones culled the six worst filler music tracks after studying all of the TJB albums. (Almost every sixties band had to fill up their albums with a few so-so "B-side" tunes to fulfill record company song quotas).

These are the songs you always skipped over on your 8-track back in the day. Now, for the first time, here is a complete TJB musical story as told by four blast-o-matic bones. New bandleader Duke Dreyfuss has really outdone himself with this tribute to the best and the worst of the Tijuana Brass! The cover, designed by seventies-album-cover-guru Mahatma Loin Bernik, features 'The Bones" performing from inside giant tacos! (above) Thankfully, Dreyfuss chose not to feature any  "turd" art on the cd cover.


The Duke Dreyfuss & The Bones of Contention released a cd back in the late 1990's to rave reviews!

This rousing cd titled "Who Ordered the Clams" has just been re-released by Shattco Records! Get your complete Bone collection at Shattco!


-Bob Swobbly for Legends of the Midwest 3-6-06



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