Hot Mont  HMS 2000 New Headquarters!

After six long years of suffering through grueling research sessions in the boiler room of Cutting Lanes Bowling, a dream has come true!

The HMS 2000 Society was founded by several noted music historians in early 2000 specifically to research the works of  bohemian artist & author Hot Monti. Public interest in the research & music has since remained brisk. However, the society has been plagued by a lethargic response to requests for donations, and have cut back research hours each year.

Thanks to the generous donation by local philanthropist H. P.Waters , this somewhat decrepit but still inhabitable building (which is located adjacent to the bowling alley) is now the home of Hot Mont & Homoco research.

Maintaining the HMS 2000 central location in downtown Cutting was always a concern to the research team, and now they can rest easy in their new home - at least till the cold weather comes. All of the research equipment has been moved in, as well as music restoration expert Dr. DuFwinque's audio lab.

DuFwinque (a.k.a Harry Peters) was displaced in 2002 when the Everhard pencil factory in Latrobe, Pa shuttered it's doors. He had been working unsuccessfully out of a tool shed behind the Lowville Super Shattco mega store for the past couple of years. With this new turn of events, there is once again hope of a fully restored Hot Mont audio library.



(above is the old location of the research center- enter by the side door, pass the storage closet into the boiler room)


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