updated 9-20-09:

Hot Mont has gone Nashville! Recently unearthed by the HMS2000 are some country demos produced by the "Hot One" in Music City.

Back in the late 1990s, Hot Mont, along with countless other musicians, songwriters & producers had become very discouraged with the hip-hop community's relentless and blatent sampling of music from other genres. Hot Mont decided to pull a flip -flop on the hip-hop community.

The idea was to exact revenge on the hip-hop community's unchecked sampling by taking some of rap's biggest selling songs & turning them into traditional country arrangements.

Mont, when asked why he would put so much effort into such a project, stated "As a tribute to all of the writers and artists who have been sampled and not credited, I'd like to demonstrate to the hip-hop world a little bit of the disrespect that they've shown toward all  legit forms of music...and in the course of doing so, create an interesting album of traditional country for an upcoming artist. Of course, all of the legitimate publishing & licensing laws will be followed".

While visiting his old band mate Slim Boggins at his floss ranch in Montana in late 1997, Mont discovered an up-and -coming country singer by the name of Clay Bacons. Said Hot Mont in an interview, "This guy has the sound of real, traditional country and the modern look that sells records today...his voice combined with my ingenious idea of 'reverse-hop'.. ..or 'hop-hip' is the ticket". Hot Mont has become a music industry "Robin Hood"  , as you will hear below.

Listen now to a couple of clips from the Clay Bacons album in MP3 format:

Whoomp There it is, Whoomp There It Goes:   download
Cain't Touch This:   download


9-09 update: Country music legend Red Bovine has re-released the original 2000 Clay Bacon's songs with a new packaging & promotion campaign. He's also trying to empty his barn of all those old "Red Bovine Greatest Hits" 8-tracks that are stacked up in there, by including them when you buy the "Bowin' Up On Hip-Hop" cd. No word from "The Hot One" on his position on this

Promo video below:

Red Bovine's "Bowin' Up On Hip-Hop" promo video


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