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re-printed with permission from "The Legal Size Paper"
L.W. Mont is a regular columnist for the "Legal Size Paper", a conservative newsletter available mostly on the east side of North East.
“When too much of any new flavor is dumped into a beer can without adequate time for assimilation, the original taste can be permanently ruined. I will demonstrate this by dropping succotash into my beer. Just as most horses hate this taste, so will our American culture. Now, get me another beer"

-  quote from  vinyl-restoration-guru & Church of Moron philosopher Dr. Anhav DuFwinque
While authoring articles that involve your lost brother, who also happens to be a “political prophet”, it's amazing how much you learn about yourself. Dredging up the old memories through forgotten phonograph records and articles taught me as much about myself as it did about my half-brother  "Hot".
 Hot spoke not as some wild prophet who “saw” the future, but more as a mathematician who put the equation together correctly well before all of the factors were even acknowledged by the general public & media. All of the information was already there, we just didn't have the foresight to pull it together as he did.

Mont's views on the current immigration problems (especially post-9-11) were absolutely on the money. His suggestion of a all-inclusive national test for citizenship suddenly doesn't sound as far fetched as it did when it was written in the seventies.
"Let's continue".

What a wonderful approach this would be to immigration today! To actually join into the existing culture instead of isolating yourself away in, for example, “Spanish-speaking only" neighborhoods. What a novel concept!

 As a person who has lived in many parts of this country, I've recently watched the proliferation of “ethnically/culturally exclusive” the point of essentially scaring or inconveniencing everyone of other origins away! It wasn't always like this. While living in metro Los Angeles in the eighties, I was smack dab in the center of a primarily Hispanic neighborhood. But never was there a problem with communication. These hard working Mexican immigrants were a welcome addition to the country; in other words, they were just like all of the immigrants of decades past!

Somewhere between then and now, that has changed. Political correctness prohibits many from speaking out against the new “fill-in-the-blank” ethnic and religious neighborhoods that refuse to integrate into our larger culture. Now, people fear they will be labeled “racist” or worse. As the “gated golf community” types scurry ever further into the suburbs away from all of this change, they hypocritically deride anyone who speaks out against these “separate subcultures” and the damage they do to our unity. Just throw some money at your favorite charity...that act somehow makes these "country-club dwellers" think that they're open minded and above the fray.

But, essentially, they're just running away from integrating any change to their own comfortable world, and in reality, they are absolutely unwilling to accept any new ideas into the world they've created.  And, this is America, so more power to them...but just be honest about it! In my view, they are almost as far off the mark as the immigrants who refuse to assimilate.

Mont addressed this issue of fragmentation over and over again.  His statements comparing the bi-lingual Canada with what is happening here in the states were brilliant:
If new ideas , language & customs cannot be adequately assimilated into the mainstream culture, splinter groups will arise to serve the needs of small sub-cultures. The historical precedence of this is yee-haw up there!  In the case of Canada, it's simply because of the vast distances between population centers, and the different European nations that settled areas of it. There is clearly a "French part" and an "English part" & never the twain shall meet. The country will be constantly wracked by secession attempts. America never has had this original divide as Canada; but we are creating an artificial & much more devastating one by not requiring one primary language to be spoken, taught & required at the schools & public offices of all of the states in the nation.”

Mont's terminology translation loss of language nuancesis a brilliant concept. Certainly most readers have seen how ridiculous direct translations from one language to another appear. Just look at any product assembly instructions that are directly translated from Korean or Japanese. Downright hilarious sometimes! The nuances that communicate subtlety are all but lost. The beauty of native tongue is trashed into bland, non-expressive speech! Mont writes:
“We cannot now or ever afford to become a multi-lingual country. Of course, all races, creeds, religions are welcome here , but a working basic language skill in English is imperative. Why? Read on! Too many ideas of great importance have been lost through "translation loss of language nuances". The multiple translations of one of our cultures most revered writings is a prime example: The Bible… with so many contradicting interpretations just among English-speaking people, imagine the confusion if multiple tongues are thrown into the festering stew? Additional "language nuance"  differences emerge of course.  The Tower of Babel story is a clear example of what the result can be. Our culture is headed for this same demise.”

Mont then goes on to suggest that a “standard” be imposed for citizenship. To impose any new laws fundamentally went against Mont's thinking, and for him to even consider this type of action exposes his genuine concern and feelings of desperation.:
“Because of my passion for not restricting new cultural input into America , which is tempered by my concern for language breakdown and the inherent communication problems which will follow, I propose a fair new citizenship test that all of us already born here will have to pass just the same as migrating aliens"  (a mock-up of this test is included in the 11th chapter of  "To The Moon, Aliens").

I can find no examples in history of multiple language nations surviving & prospering for extended periods, as Mont also points out. There are, however, many examples of failed empires that had no one predominant language . Will we just let history repeat itself again; will we just roll over and soon become another “also ran” nation? If Mont's warnings are accurate, our demotion to "third world nation" will surely be in full effect before the newborns of today reach voting age.

Mont offers solutions. But his solutions are sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. His steadfast belief that government has created much of the problem is a well-founded view. Mont writings consistently mention the downfall started by Lyndon Johnson's “Great Society” of governmental dependence.

Although Mont  loudly defended and applauded Johnson's civil rights actions taken during his presidential tenure (only passed with massive Republican support & minimal Democrat support), he strongly suggests many times that much of the mechanism of eventual downfall was also put into place by Johnson and his cronies.  In the next article, I'll explore some of the extreme statements and radical interpretations of  "The Dream: The Creation of Hot Mont". It's truly a confusing and misinterpreted document to say the least.

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