Homoco had some big ideas for a small company!
As more information on legendary Hot Monte is unearthed, and the all-volunteer HMS2000 network gets ever larger, we find more artifacts coming in for analysis every week.

 This full color ad was saved from a Pittsburgh area tourist flyer circa 1976 (sorry for the coffee stains), and purports to promote a soon-to-be-opening amusement park of some sort with a "Patriotic" theme. A close look at the picture seems to show a putt-putt course (already in use?) & some Tudor looking buildings.No actual rides appear anywhere, and no other pictures or ads for this alleged "park" have been found.
Locals in the Rimersburg area do recall some sort of construction at the area described in the ad, but no one seems to remember exactly what was going on at that time. Construction apparently never got past the putt-putt course & a couple of shoddily built buildings, all of which are now gone, the site is now a shopping plaza.

8-16-02 HMS2000

The Hot Mont Cafe?
Witness here a nightclub or restaurant in an unnamed city. The logo looks suspiciously like the Hard Rock Cafe logo of today. Did this restaurant actually get off the ground, and , if so, where was it located? Anyone with information please contact the HMS2000. We'd love to know if this establishment's "Hot Mont Cafe" logo was possibly "borrowed " for the Hard Rock Cafe somewhere along the line! What was on the menu? Hot Ta-Mont-Le?

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