Just when you thought that all of the Hot Mont writings & recordings must have already been unearthed, a discovery in a studio near Hamburg, Germany lends another life chapter to the
"Man of Mystery" : Perpetual Intro

This is a reproduction of an article from "El Petite Filipino Magazine" dated 4/13/02 & written by German correspondent Reinholt Burgermeister (obvious pen name). Some HMS2000 editing comments have been interjected. These comments appear in blue italics.
-Regelia Karaokan for HMS2000
Picture this scenario: In late 1976 or early 1977 Hot Mont is enlisted by a conservative group of American economists to travel to Germany to give a series of lectures at several prominent universities. The gist of these lectures is geared at trying to prevent a serious socialistic shift in the German national attitude. Hot Mont's Germanic heritage only increases his passion about this issue, and he agrees to go. (This much was already documented fact in America)
At a conference in Hannover, Hot Mont is approached by music producer Herman P. Wassell, who, it turns out is a huge fan of eclectic American rock (including our hero's music!). The two men also share a love of German brews and "kartuffel salat" (potato salad) & decide to go to a local biergarten to imbibe & talk.

After consuming multiple brews & prodigious amounts of potato salad, the idea of a possible collaboration on a "Kraftwerk-esque" album is conceived in what was reported as a dense fog of flatulence & beer burps.

Slicing through this all-encompassing haze, enter one Gilda Pilfner, one of  Hannover's premier "synthesists" as well as a hot looking chick! She's just the person to bring this crazy plan to fruition. After clearing the air a bit, the three unlikely partners decide to "cut" an album of what they term "synth-tech" music. This would be another groundbreaking style change for Mont, but is familiar territory to Wassel & Pilfner who had worked with several other notable European "electronic" bands over the preceding couple of years.
"Perpetual Intro" cover
After a few days of banging around ideas, time is booked at a studio just outside of Hamburg, and recording begins.
Legendary drummer & percussionist Curt Von Stuben is brought in to handle all of the rhythmic parts (except, of course, cowbell). But, in only a few short days, electronic legends "Kraftwerk" block book the same studio for 3 months straight. Mont & company are devastated by this turn of events, and relinquish the studio to the high-budget monoliths.

But before all appears lost, they find that engineer Helmut Smidge had run an "acetate" of some good working mixes of  songs that had been completed during the short session. (An acetate is a "shellac" test version of what would have later become the "vinyl" 12" record. They sound great the first time or two they're played, but quickly deteriorate as the needle chews up the soft recording surface.)

Back of LP cover artwork:
Song title translation :
Platter Pulsation
Wing Tipped Wizard
Water Dripping
One Long Groove

This brings us to today: April 2002. Guess what? Seems that someone has turned up that very acetate  along with some of the cover graphics for the intended release "Perpetual Intro".  The acetate is apparently in fairly good condition. Obviously, it can't be played until right at the moment that it is transferred to 24 bit digital audio. It must happen on that first pass, or the quality may degrade too much.

Just when you thought it was all out in the open, another amazing development like this occurs! The acetate has been sent to a lab in Pennsylvania for transfer. I'll be keeping tabs on the progress & reporting any new news.
 -R. Burgermeister

The HMS2000 will be privy to any developments in this transfer, and will be posting MP3s of the final product when Dr. DuFwinque completes the transfer & re-mastering. Stay tuned!-  R.Karoakan/HMS2000

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