Insiders have been reporting for some time that Mont has relocated to the 'old stomping grounds' of his youth just outside Erie, Pa. This report from the Phillipsville Zagette (regarding a sighting only a few miles from the prestigious new HMS 2000 World Headquarters) would seem to re-affirm that.
"Hot Mont sighted at the finals of the Chautauqua Idol Contest in Bemis Point, NY:
On the evening of August 21, 2006 in Bemis Point, NY at the finalist’s event of the Chautauqua Idol Contest sponsored by WWSE Radio in Jamestown, NY, Hot was recognized despite his usual precautions. One of the local potato salad vendors who is an avid supporter of The Hot Mont Society and fan of The Hot One, has heard  rumblings that Mont could attempt to attend this prestigious local talent program. With camera in hand, the crowd was searched quietly so as not to tip his hand but, unfortunately Hot was not located. As the program was ending and the crowds were dispersing, Mont was sighted walking away from the crowd reportedly holding his stomach."

Mont Is Again On The Prowl For New Talent!

The sighting rumors are starting to fire up again, just as they did in the original Revival Craze of 2000-2001

 For a perspective on possible reasons for Hot's return to the home fires, we turn to musicologist Pete River's recent book "Bowin' Up on Rock 'n Roll Myths":

"Bohemian artist & commentator Hot Moth (sic) was very discouraged by the lukewarm response to his production of "reverse-hip-hop" artist Clay Bacon back in 1999. His whereabouts since than have been as sketchily reported as ever.

It is known that Hot left guitarist Slim Boggin's floss ranch in Montana shortly after the first Bacon single stalled (a country remake of Tag Team's rap hit  "Whoomp-There it Is")  near the bottom of both the country & pop charts.>>>     It was soon after that time that sightings began to pop up in rural parts of western NY state." (note the unusual name for the djs: The Goon Squad!)                                   

Listen to the live radio interview


Comments from prominent citizens attending the gala American Idol event at Bemis Point:

"I'd know those wing-tips anywhere...that's definitely Hot Mont's shoe" -Nigel Tuffnolle, Shoe Salesman at Payless & part-time rock star

"That boy can run, but he can't hide forever" -Ralph Fece, retired correctional officer from East Clintwood, Oh.

His amazing appetite for potato salad gave him away, even with the excellent disguise. He almost ate the entire supply  -D. Biggs,   "World  of Potato Salad" vendor at the event.

"I did, I did, I did  see a Monti-Hot" -chanted by several children

I haven't heard from The Hot One since we pulled his "Whoomp" record from regular rotation back in 1999 for legal reasons. If he's really at this event, I'd like to apologize in person  -Bill Baulgruber, program director for WURST, (The WURST FM), and a longtime supporter of Hot's music

Whoever the hell he was, you could hardly get that fellow away from the Warsteiner tent. Except every few minutes, he'd  leave to wolf down more potato salad next door . I wouldn't doubt he's got some god awful gas by now   -Sid Viscous , local dairy farmer

(courtesy of WSUXX RADIO):

-article reprinted from Groovy Scene Magazine Sept 2006

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