It's been a rough year for Hot Mont's investment company Homoco. A victim of the recession, Homoco's struggling Shattco Superstores Inc. closed it's last retail outlet in Lowville and then quietly filed for bankruptcy in January.




The store's quirky mix of products and unusual radio ads will be missed by many. There is good news, however.
Homoco was the primary stockholder in Shattco, and c.e.o. Delbert Delp has decided to continue retailing the same line of products on a web-based store called Soapy Duck Sales. Delp hopes to rival "" within a  year. A radio campaign has started to blitz in some major test markets like Tidioute, Tionesta,  Zolfo Springs and even LaBelle.

We at the HMS 2000 have placed a link on the left. This tv spot stays true to the old Shattco commercials and continues to promote all of the old favorites.  Included are spots for Snout Grout, Butt Putty, Credible HulkGas-Backwards and a couple of  exciting new products never before sold at Shattco. Suffice to say that Soapy Duck Sales shares the same fascination with bodily functions that the original founder William Shatt did.
Enjoy this snappy video of crap, and then go buy something  from Soapy Duck Sales.  



Homoco c.e.o

Delbert Delp



-Kned McGrath for HMS2000

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