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Malcolm Drie
The Dream…The Creation of Hot Mont   
Forward by Malcolm Drie …Rolling Rock Magazine     11/24/00
As more and more people become interested in Hot Mont, many enlightening pieces of information have come forward. He left many bits of himself and his philosophies in his travels.

 It has been amazing the amounts of information people have sent in to us. We, at first, were concerned about the validity of some of the pieces. Through comparison techniques that have been developed over the years, we have managed to accumulate several short essays and letters, which are uniquely Hot Mont. Some were signed. Some just carry Hot Mont's uniqueness, which is very easily recognized. But there were a few pieces that were sent in that were bogus. Poor imitations that were meant to discredit Hot. After all this time, I had a hard time believing that people would still try to refute the correctness of his interpretation of his time and of the things to come.
    It was not his political views that were so important but his insight into what would happen socially if we, as a people, did not recognize what we were doing to ourselves. It has happened several times throughout history, yet we as a society believe it would never happen to us. Many of Hot Mont's prognostications have come to be since his disappearance and yet we still continue down that road of destruction he described so vividly back in the Seventies.
    The piece that follows is clearly a very early writing of Hot Mont's. This piece is supposedly (and appears) to be from his personal journal dated Thursday, January 15th, 1970.
   The story behind this document is that circa 1975, Hot had had enough of  one particular group of liberal protesters that were always bang up against him and his music. To substantiate his point, he sent this handwritten page from his journal with a time line laying out what he believed to be the path of our society if we did not heed his warnings. One of these liberals "unintentionally" filed the document in the archives of the group, thereby preserving it. This person recently had  heard that we (HMS2000) were gathering any and all information on Hot Mont. She sent it to us; with a letter basically saying she was glad she had hung on to document and she now understands what Hot was trying to tell everyone.
I wonder if this writing could be another of the many reasons that so many people of the seventies, who considered themselves liberals then, are conservatives today?


January 15th
It's 4:00 AM … I hate it when I can't sleep… I keep having this same dream over and over… Gees…I gotta get some sleep.  Classes are going to be a bitch today… I need to write this down so I can study it later when I am not so tired…
I wake up in my dream and I'm in this huge, dark stadium… On stage in the center of the stadium is huge red creature, human in appearance… he was exceptionally pleasant to look at and his voice dripped of honey… I thought… betcha this guy could charm the pants off a nun. The stadium was divided into five groups…and I didn't fit in to any of them…then again I was on the stage and not part of the groups…


As I peer from the stage, I see women of all shapes, sizes, color and age
…much, much larger than any of the other groups…  they took up over half of the stadium.

..... He started by saying…  "You have so much more to offer than just nurturing children and taking care of some man…What needs to be done is to convince the government that you should be treated as an underprivileged group, a minority if you will though we all know that women outnumber men by at least 2 to 3 percent in this country…Your goals are: (once the first group has set it's actions in motion) is to convince government that the treatment of women in this country is unethical and unfair… This will create a new group of people to demand the government should serve them… you will need to demand that programs of social and economical aid be extended to your group… you will be able to reduce the family's influence by forcing men out of work causing more growth in the need for government services… You people are the key to my plan… . Demand position by quota, not experience and ability…demand that physical qualification levels are brought down to a level that qualifies you for any and all positions…You will still need to bear children, so you will need the government to help you raise your offspring …make sure the children are accustomed to the government taking care of them... Fight and embrace your new position in your society!". The roar of the applause was deafening as the red being turned to his left to address the next group.

Directly ahead of the red creature was a group of blacks…and he addressed them thusly: "In order for you to be considered equal with the whites, you need to make yourselves known through acts of defiance… demand that the government give you relief from your plight…food, housing, money, healthcare, and opportunities that everyone normally has to work to earn…our object here is to take from those who have and share their wealth, create the need for a larger government in order to serve you… most everything has been in place to serve poor white people for some time now… you only need to demand rights to those services and make sure that you use them, because you deserve them… demand equality;  not for the obvious reason that you are indeed equal;  instead muddle that simple fact by instead demanding quotas in job placement, housing, education, anything else you feel that you deserve… demand reparations for things that have happened in the past."  The creature smiles radiantly at the group in front of him as the people applaud him…He waves to quiet the group as he turns to his left and faces the next group

I look out from the stage… to see a group of people, much smaller than the first two groups; I couldn't see any distinguishing characteristics right away. I notice diversity in this group than wasn't present in the first two groups. Many different types of people, nationalities didn't play a role in this group, religion didn't seem to have any bearing on this group, and gender was not an issue in this group…

The creature started out by saying… "The planet thanks you."  I knew right away who this group was… It was the environmentalists… a group that thinks it's more important to preserve at all costs rather than advance with care and consideration for the world around us. They have good intentions but in most cases go off half-cocked without objectively looking at things from all sides (in my opinion). .. the creature continued…" You will be my first international endeavor in this crusade…your goals are to get governments involved in regulating commerce anytime it appears to be violating nature in anyway… specially if it will affect a company from this country, such as reducing its income , or even putting out of business…use any mean necessary to promote your cause…Use skewed, incomplete information and only tell the side that benefits your stance, and if push comes to shove just out and out lie, many will believe your positions are valid…… International government restrictions on capitalism … oh still my beating heart… I don't need to lecture you on your causes…Just keep doing what you do… and we will succeed"…
Once gain the group applauded…

The creature turned to his left once more and faced the next group, with a big smile on his face… "Ah … my infiltrators… my innocent immigrants… you who need shelter from oppression… you who will enter and wreak havoc…Once the first two groups work their programs and succeed in getting the society to accept the word diversity…enter you to carry it one step farther… you will not want to relinquish your ethnicity, your language, your way of life to join their societyyou will want all of the benefits available from living in their world but in reality you will be there to bring it down… turn their diversity into division… turn their unity into dissention…go dismiss the melting pot analogy that has been used for years… use the government to validate your separation and encourage others to do so as well… this should confuse the populace to no end … one group fighting for rights that guarantee inclusion and another group fighting for rights that guarantee preservation of ethnicity and separation"…even the creature shakes his head at this…(if they even notice…but I think not).

As the creature revels in the applause, he turns slowly to the last group…"Yes…my lawyers… the tools… you will make this all happen… in the name of helping societyand take 40% while you do it… you are the only group that actually gets to make the rules by which you play. And I know you will do a fine job with this cause of mine… Write for me the laws to advance the cause… use the courts to enforce these laws… create the illusion that you work for the betterment of society… sacrifice your integrity and corrupt the system anyway possible with ridiculous laws and lawsuits…make morality a question in things that would normally be unacceptable… make the society question the basics of right and wrong…you will help all of the other groups to achieve their goals… you will do it quietly and incrementally… no one will correlate your action with any grand scheme… you will just appear as if you are being greedy, corrupt, and just looking for a new way to make a buck… the society will just throw up their hands and say "He's just being a lawyer" … No one will care after a while… That is how we will overthrow this society"…

The creature raised his arms and circled the stage, addressing all of the people in the stadium. "Listen, my friends, follow the cause, do as you are instructed and we will topple this behemoth of a nation without a fight… they've become lazy and complacentnot understanding what their government is doing and not caringit is no longer a government of or by the people…as long as they think they are getting something  from the government, they will be unwilling to stop us regardless of what they may recognize in our methods… their memories are short and getting shorter every year.  Take your time… we will do this incrementally, gradually over several years so as not to draw attention to our goals…Our job will be easy as long as these sheep stay asleep like they have been for years, growing fat and lazy. So go now …my helpers and set the stage for the downfall of this sorry excuse of a country. We shall see if there is anyone left watching… I don't think there is…"
As the groups filed out of the stadium chanting their different slogans, the creature finally noticed me there…He smiled at me and asked what I thought of his message… I told him that I believed freedom and self-governing to be the way of truth, and that capitalism was the only way to a self-fulfilling while life on this earth, trying to refute what he had said to the groups… He just waved his hand at me … and told me to wake up. So I did
January 15th::;

It 6:00 PM… I've had time to read and think about what I wrote early this morning… The only idea, that this dream has given me, is the need for a watchdog... a moral observer… and I think the charge is mine…I am to be that watchdog… I am the one who is to warn of the impending dangers… I am the one who is supposed to recognize these subtle changes, these incremental attacks… I am the one who is supposed to warn our society of these transgressions… may the All Mighty help me… I am weak … I don't know if I am up to such a mission… Will I be able to influence people enough to slow these attacks; I know I can't stop them…  a better question is how can I even be noticed in this world enough to have any influence on these things… I need to think on this for a while… the answers will come to me… they always do…  Malcolm Drie's Closing Comments:
    I've heard many people over the years say that Mont was a throw back, against all the progress that has been made socially in the last twenty-five years. I do not think that is an accurate statement.
    Mont was never against equality for races, genders, and I may even go as far to say sexual orientation. What he was against was the methods used to make the gains that were made and the cost of those gains. The destruction of the family, the loss of freedoms and privacy, the dumbing down of our society; these were what his concerns were about and what he was trying to warn us about in his music and writings. Along with the attempts to re-engineer human nature and change the way the earth controls our existence on it.
   I know that his views were very different from the "norm" of his generation, but to me, his concepts made the most sense and, more than likely, quicker and better results could have been accomplished from applying his concepts. I guess his most disliked concept was that war is inevitable, meant to be the world's way to control our population and that we should profit from this natural state of society. War brings into check all sorts of issues, fewer people= less pollution; fewer people= less burden on our natural resources, fewer people= generally a closer and stronger society.
    I am sure people will argue that with the weapons capability of today, we could render the world essentially lifeless , and they would be absolutely right. Regardless of these weapons, we could not and would not destroy the earth because of the strength of our own instincts to survive.  Population control is not about contraceptives or abortion, it about living by the laws of nature. The world creates its own balance, we are just pawns in the game but we have come to think of ourselves as much more.
   We have come to believe we are in control and we over step our bounds. Nature will give us just enough rope, but the time is coming when we will have to learn all over again what our true instincts are and how to act on those instincts.  

by Malcolm Drie

Don't Make Me Come Over There, Malcolm
-12/08/01 another viewpoint by Bill Del Rumple
Well, here we go again.  My colleague Malcolm Drie is going off half cocked over some supposed "original Hot Mont" writing that somehow shaped Mont's entire philosophy & politics.
We here at "Legends of the Heartland Magazine" have at our disposal the entire lab tech force of La Trobe Industries.. the same loosely-organized but highly skilled bunch that is currently "resurrecting" the Mont Rushmore  album from little more than  charred vinyl & acetate.
After weeks of studying these writings, the consensus is in…and there is no consensus! The finest volunteer lab techs available on this subject cannot agree on whether this is bogus or "The Real Hot Mont".
My personal viewpoint? I'm  just as torn on this issue as the La Trobe guys are; some of the stuff seems very consistent with the later Hot Mont writings that are unarguably his. But some of the views seem too "intolerant" , for lack of a better word.  But, this was supposedly a much "younger" Mont…actually still in high school.  And, also, this was just his alleged interpretation of a dream over which he had no direct control .Two major things bother me about Malcolm Drie's interpretation of "the dream":
#1 is Drie's "carte blanche" acceptance of all of these writings as being the "word" of early Hot Mont. (Enough said above).
#2 is that Drie barely mentions the side of Hot that we all knew so well…a generous, caring person who never discriminated against anyone.There is ample documentation of Mont's generosity of heart toward the downtrodden that he personally knew that were being unfairly passed over for jobs or opportunities. More than a few times, he publicly stood up against racism & sexism. It must have really hit home for Mont when it affected his own multiracial band while they toured backward areas of the country. Mont interceded on the part of the mistreated many times, this is undeniably documented.
As a footnote: Mont never wanted to see this "generosity" to be government imposed & sanctioned.
 Let's face it : Hot was no Mother Theresa ! He had deeply held opinions that could be abrasive at times. But, on the other hand, he certainly was not just a smarter version of Archie Bunker! (huh?) To summarize:
1.Let's first of all be sure that this truly is Hoot's writing and, if it really is:
2. Let's allow Mont's later "intellectual maturity" to temper our interpretation with  the clarity of hindsight.
-Bill Del Rumple
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