That's a quote from Shattco's parent company president Delbert Delp. The parent company is, of course, Homoco Industries.

Mr. Delp was angered by the controversial one minute promo for Hot Mont's music & book re-releases (which Shattco began running on it's website just before the Christmas buying rush). He feels that this video portrays Hot Mont as a racist & intolerant person. "Anyone who knew him would attest that he clearly was not intolerant of minorities, immigrants or any people for that matter" said Delp , in a WHYP-TV interview.

 The opening few seconds show a rocket launch,(see clip 1) and the words "To the moon, aliens", followed up by the onscreen text "There's plenty of room on the moon". Later in the video, it appears that Hot Mont is running for a political office, (see clip 2) which is simply not true, as even his closest friends have not seen him in years. The video ends with the Shattco trademark "fart & explosion" effect.





According to all of the seventies historians quizzed on this, Mont never uttered or wrote the offending statements.  "The original 'To the Moon, Aliens' book title was simply a play on words, taken out of context by the Shattco video producer. This is just another Shattco fabrication to boost slumping cd & book sales", said  Homoco attorney R.W. Emerson.

Mr Delp has vowed to get to the bottom of this, and Homoco's legal team has been able to have the video temporarily pulled from the website. There is no reliable information on how much product was sold due to this video.

Thanks to the HMS 2000 research & cocktail squad's diligence, we were able to obtain a copy of this video. Below is a streaming version for your perusal. This writer personally feels that it does not show Mont in the best light, either.  

Delbert Delp, president of Homoco


Bill Del Rumple 1-8-06


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