My name is John McLane and I have been involved in the music industry for over twenty-five years as a professional musician, recording engineer and producer.  involved in hundreds of record releases from local to international  as well as doing live performances covering the gamut of r&b, Caribbean, country, rock n' roll, jazz  & even klezmer & polka.  


LATE 1970's:
Member of various live cover acts based out of Erie, Pa. , Cleveland, Oh . & Tampa, Fl.
Session / gigging musician in Los Angeles area, including guitar on "On Any Sunday" soundtrack,  an original band with Ed Cassidy of "Spirit" & also served as keyboardist for the ill-fated Latin American tour of Morris Albert (Feelings). Worked with producers Herb Jimmerson, Kurt Lyon, Paul Freeman & drummer Randy May on original projects.
Session/gigging musician in the Miami, Fl area , including work with producers Ron & Howard Albert (Eric Clapton , Firefall, etc.), and  Cory Wade (Foxy, Peter Brown). Other independent co-productions at Bob Ingria's Quadradial Recording & Criteria Recording.
Studio owner /producer / gigging musician in South West  Florida; recorded various projects during this period including artists on CBS Austria, Apart Catalog/Germany; Head East & Bad Company members Worked briefly with Ken Scott (producer for Elton John, David Bowie, Supertramp), and later produced 2 nationally charting dance hits "Boy's Scout" & "Match Made up in Heaven" for Miami dance artist Jill Minor. Turned out a massive string of jingles, radio sounders & industrial film soundtracks during this period.  Managed by Stan Hertzman (he also represents Adrian Belew) for a year.
Chief engineer/producer/owner for Important Audio Recording in Atlanta Ga. During this time. Managed by Thomas J. Miller & Associates in Los Angeles. Recorded various acts of every pop genre including Derek St. Holmes, Angela Bowie, O'Jays members and Saxon (in Hamburg, Germany) Recorded various sessions for MCA Records, Ichibon Records, etc. Solo album of NAC jazz  "John Graham McLane" was released in France and Belgium  in 1993.
Continued studio and gigging work in Atlanta, Ga with some occasional road gigging, too. (bands included Alan Knieter Band (klezmer/wedding); Blaze (corporate), Morningstar (occasional road work w/ Florida variety band). Recording rock, country & Gospel acts from various parts of the U.S. including members of "The Four Freshmen" and "War", as well as a variety of signed & unsigned acts 
Returned to Southwest Florida to perform solo and with various live acts with a concentration on island and smooth jazz. Bands include Danny Morgan Band (tropical/variety), The Handsome Men (my tropical/jazz combo), and, of course, the solo act. Still pursuing studio work with local & not-so-local artists such as Henry Gross (internationally  known artist/songwriter); Marc Vee (smooth jazz guitar); Rick Maas (Christian) & Danny Morgan (tropical). 

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