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Ed Dietz (Da-Da-Da-Da)

Bob  Rychick (Boob Dalty)

Chuck Rosequist (Doc)

John McLane (Crackers)

Ed Bernik (Loin)

Where else would you find one band on stage with the following:
 Platform clogs , Kiss makeup (& authentic fire-breathing)  "Shaft"-style  pimp coats & hats , glitter "rock star" shirts & authentic "hot 'n pants"? All at a country bar no less? Only at a Charge show...the most outrageous show of it's time!   

 A business card proudly proclaiming that you have no other choice for funky white music: we're Erie's ONLY Funky White Band!!!:

Another card toning down the slogan a notch!:




Boob at Peanut Cafe, Dunkirk, Ny, This was where he perfected his Gene-Simmons-ish "fire-blowing" and caught his hands and the ceiling on fire.  (Note Loin in background w/ pimp hat)





Loin belts out a funky Kool n' The Gang tune at  Ye Olde Barn (a country bar).  Clubowner Artie Martin used to accuse us of "pissin' on the floor" because his septic tank was backed up!

Another promo shot from the famous Johnny Farr "Star Filter" photo sessions.

Crackers 'n Doc relaxing after an arduous gig... or photo shoot...or not (probably at Stacks)



Loin and Amy's wedding...the entire band & numerous fans showed up of course! (from l: Loin, Amy, Doc, Boob, Eddy, Crackers) Great leisure suit tuxes!

Teenyboppers also loved us:



  A glowing review by Betty Peebles

 Eddy at Stack's, part of a series of individual promo shots


 Doc rockin' out at Ye Olde Barn, Sherman, NY. (Notice the groovy tin foil/ back drop/ sort of thing)

 Boob Dalty: the consummate rocker at Brandywine Bar, Warren, Pa

 Loadin' up gear: (f/left: Johnny Farr, Morris Klytorous, Boob Dalty, Fred Teisco)


Great original music from Charge included  the seminal "Drivin' Force , funky "Jivin' the Shwantz" & "Pennsylvania Bump" , and the lyrically challenging "Tom Thumb".



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