Red Bovine is a man's man. Traditional country sung with the power of George Jones and the conviction of William Shatner
     Red had quite a run in the old 8-track days of the seventies and early eighties. Then, as many old country guys did, he fell out of favor with the emerging crop of new country artists like Garth Brooks.
     He was re-discovered recently by a Shattco Records representative. Red was performing with karaoke tracks at the San Carlos Lounge in Ft Myers, Florida.     

Sadly, Red was just a washed up lounge barnacle...and a shell of the dynamic powerhouse he once was!
     But, teamed with the right material and ideas, Red Bovine has re-emerged as a force in the burgeoning "traditional country" market. Go, Red Go!
Enjoy some of Red's Videos here:
Red Bovine kicks it out on "Little Redneck Riding Hood"! His latest song written by Red's pals Henry Gross & Tommy Rocco and a new Bovinator video for 2014! hi def.
Red Bovine in his 2012 hit  music video: "Somebody's Losin' A Trailer" . Cameos by Larry "B. B. Dogg" Zurn, Kevin Austin & Danny Ray Cole
2009: The video that re-launced a career: Country Music Legend Red Bovine & Shattco Music release a new cd featuring country-fried remakes of Hip Hop classics.
Red Bovine: singer & git-fiddle /
Tappy Patterson : drums /
Big Al Phelpha : bass /
Catskill Stevens: lead guitar /
Roy Vey: pedal steel pan


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