10-30-06: The HMS 2000 World Headquarters is keeping busy! Right on the heels of  their stunning expose on the Chautauqua Idol sighting of Mont, some very interesting artifacts have been brought to the headquarters by a person known only as "The Knower of All Things".

(above: the album that spawned the legend)

    Apparently, back in 1976, someone had the foresight to bring a reel to reel recorder to Patty O'Malligan's Irish Pizza on a very special night. It just happened to be the final appearance of Hot Monty's celtic-bluegrass band known as "Hot n' Pappy".

Mont formed this band with local newsman & fiddler Pappy WiCusick as a sidebar to the touring band, just to kick up a little fun in his local watering hole in Colt Station.

(above: front of Patty O'Malligans, which is no longer a pizza joint) 

click here to stream Popeye mp3 by Hot N Pappy

click here to download Popeye mp3 by Hot N Pappy

     Obviously, there boys were drinking all day; and since it was the farewell show, they probably were more concerned with having a good time than playing actual notes.

In this recording , The Hot One comes through with a top-notch impromptu Popeye imitation, while a very blitzed Pappy valiantly tries to saw along with the Popeye theme song on his fiddle.

After Patty O'Malligan (what a strange voice that fellow had) introduces the band, the crowd goes wild , laughing at the music and the zany stage antics that obviously must have accompanied it. This recording is a testament to those great times that all too soon came to a close.

People who frequented O'Malligans back in those days remember the Hot N' Pappy Band being  a very good musical outfit...but this just happens to be them at their worst... and funniest. Does anybody else remember this night? E-mail us here if you have comments: hotmont@jgmmusic.com


-Bill Del Rumple 10-30-06


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