Brian Bower- drums

Dave Baird-  bass

John McLane- keys, guitar, sax

Wayne Anderson- guitar

 It's the late seventies...several young musician-types assemble in Tampa, Fl : Our mission: to form a new type of super-rock group.

After working  with Brian Bower (drums) in Erie's legendary J.B Red Band, Dave Baird (bass) and I decided to join him in Tampa to form a new type of super-rock combo.

BAC (Bower-Anderson Co.)  was born in August of 1977. As best as I understand it, the plan was to infuse powerful rock n' roll  showmanship & snazzy rock clothes with Christian values & teachings... and take it to the bars!!!

 In other words, "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Cat Scratch Fever" played loudly, but with a kind and caring heart.

Of course, as band clown, I vigorously attacked my role of adding outrageous bar room comedy. (Including full body slams on "My Generation"). We were quite a hit in the Tampa Bay area for a short while.

A CLASSIC SHOT FROM THE INFAMOUS STAR-SHIRT PHOTO SESSIONS  from left: Brian Bower, me,  Wayne Anderson & Dave Baird in front . Notice Brian's beautiful Burt Larr Lion Bouffant!




Yours Truly rockin' on my Les Paul Custom. That mic is not for the guitar!


Fellow Erieite Dave Baird on bass. After a rousing start, tensions and finances (and Dave hearing too much about "spit-bass") led both of us to leave the band in spring of 1978.  Dave went on to several successful years of road work with Atlanta-based "Shorty Watkins Band" (Polydor Records). He's still in Atlanta and used to gig with me some when I lived there.

(left) Wayne Anderson...played great southern-fried lead guitar. I learned quite a lot from this guy. As bandleader, his favorite thing to say was "Fat Dink"... a form of swearing for people who don't swear!





Live shot: ...with our star shirts! It must have been taken on an old throw away camera.! I took the liberty of adding Brian's head back into the pic...cuz it was completely missing before!

(By the way , thanks to Brian for digging up most of these photos. He's still in Florida and still playing some).



Here are Wayne and Brian during their stint with "Free Fare" ...part of a group of Christian bands that played high schools all over Amurica! This is where the BAC concept was formulated.


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